Utilising Cloud IT

Utilising “Cloud IT” and having a well-supported IT system for small businesses makes for a lot easier, faster and smoother running IT system. Also with the current price war with cloud providers, it makes economic sense.

By utilising cloud computing, and its advantages of SaaS company’s big or small can run equivalent software systems that large company’s do without a huge bill for expensive hardware or a dedicated in house round-the-clock IT team

In the past, the majority of small business could only afford cheap servers and software that is less reliable and secure. When events like the system going down, the harassed IT guy might take hours to rectify the issue and get the system back up and running

Small business can now look elsewhere with the advantage of Cloud and look to replace old in-house servers and subscribe to cloud-based systems for not only they’re basic IT needs (office 365, email etc.) but their vertical software requirements too.

What was an expensive investment to deploy can now be at your fingertips for a low cost simple monthly fee. For small subscription fees, cloud-based services bring SMEs the economies of scale that only huge companies or multi-national corporations used to enjoy.

It has now become so affordable, a fraction of the price it used to be, to give your business a more stable and cutting edge IT department that the big companies enjoy. This advantage applies not just to email and word-processing, but to the necessary back-office chores from leave management and approval, to travel and expense claims and time-tracking. Right up to heavy dedicated mainstream applications such as administration, payroll, financial, engineering etc etc.

The change in computing practices out of the dedicated office and the growing access everywhere to the cloud means harnessing IT (instead of suffering it) essentially giving small businesses a better competitive edge.

Moving your IT department into the cloud means that your IT needs are no longer the domain of just one IT personnel, but entire teams in the background. Also it doesn’t make your internal IT redundant, but gives them better time for other tasks and projects (you still need someone internal to assist with the setup and occasional maintenance/changes to the cloud.

The majority of the large commercial Cloud providers such as Azure, Google and other business dedicated providers boast a  99.9 per cent uptime without small business having to suffer headaches and stress thro time lost when an in-house system, was maintained, as majority of cloud maintenance is invisble to the end small business user. With maintenance carried out outside of work hours, or swapped over to back up servers, whilst your server is being upgraded etc.

Having access from anywhere, and now via any device, opens up cheap and flexible IT use, all for the price of the subscription Cloud service and that of a good internet connection. Also by paying via subscription based, cloud can be scaled up or down depending on how the number of users, the amount of business required (e.g small companies don’t need to run payroll every day of the month for example) so look at subscriptions that offer pay as you use, rather than just flat monthly rate charges

If your existing systems stop you from getting your IT needs fulfilled then do look at Cloud seriously as an option, as  Cloud applications and IT offer real alternatives and improvements.


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