Which tablet is really right for your business?

I once heard a business owner say we equip all of our staff with IPad, “its apple and the best thing”. Okay, after the grinding of teeth I let him demonstrate how he uses his tablet for business.

To be fair, I was impressed to see Office on there (a fairly standard and essential item of business software) but was slightly concerned to see his iTunes music collection and various games. The response “kids eh?” was slightly more concerning to be honest!

If you are going to do business work on a tablet, the Ipad may be fine for your needs, but I would prefer the Windows tablet any day in my humble opinion. Apple still seem to be the one size fits all, even though there’s various sizes of Ipad, its  either that or a MacBook if you’re needing the keyboard.

Windows offers a wider variety of tablet, the surface and the 2in1 which can take on both roles, so you can get a device that more suited to your needs light/causal right up to heavy processor.

In addition to that here’s some other advantages I noted:-

Encryption of data.

I lost count of the number of time I’ve seen the “this person stole my phone” message in social media, where the culprit has a photo taken of themselves and broadcast on the internet. Granted tablets are slightly different but the question of security  has to be the most important

Windows 10 enables you to encrypt files to protect from unauthorized access, but also allows for encryption of entire drives, meaning that should the tablet be lost or stolen it’s a worthless item for the person who took/found it, and more importantly your data is secure

Shared device

User Account Control has been in existence on windows by default since Vista, and is a handy control to allow Tom, Dick, and Harry to have their own personal tablet.

Granted there are additional apps that allow Ipad some account control, but not everything is really controlled. UAC has some real advantages allowing accounts to be Microsoft enabled to download apps etc. Or, standard local users. In addition to that there’s the administrator and standard user choice too. Securing your tablet from having apps etc. loaded onto to it without your knowledge.


Multi tasking?

Okay I’ll go into this further in a later article, but the Windows tablet features snap allowing you to work with two programs side by side.

Change the mode of the tablet to desktop mode (simple option) and you can snap 4 windows. Use the multiple desktop option from the tool bar (in desktop mode) and you can have another desktop and snap all over again. It also gets better you can transfer active windows, between multiple desktops.

To a degree the I need multiple monitors argument goes out of the window (pardon the pun)


File Management

Since the dawn of time.. Ok, well not really but Windows File manager has been around for a while through the various incarnations of Windows, no need to download and learn an extra app as you’d have to with Ipad. Once again I’ve sung it’s praises but the offering of Onedrive cloud storage, allows you access to data both on and off line too.


Legacy browsing

Like it or not the need for speed browser options sometimes fall flat when you using apps that have certain requirements. Yes, Microsoft are pushing Edge browser, but like Chrome which is now removing its add ins, your limited to extras that may be required.

IE 11 is still available in Windows 10, as it has to cater to the enterprise market. Java, active X although not considered back doors to intrusion, is still widely used by commercial software. (it’s also secure if you adjust settings trust me!) .

You can use both, under Windows with no fuss, so you have the need for speed option and good old faithful as and when needed. Noice option too, if you’re using Edge and come up against a “wall” take the option open page in IE and the trade over begins


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