Windows 10 Phone

The leap of faith

Although I used the technical preview for PC, I stayed away from the phone version of Windows 10 due to the incompatibility issues with the older Nokia phones, after all I didn’t want to spend a fortune in buying a new phone, to trial an “in test” version of the OS, as it was at that time.

I’m a big fan of the technical preview concept, it is an ideal way to approach a release of software, by putting ideas into pre-release testing, and having users allowed their say.  This all makes for a tailored solution for users, but as Windows 10 was supposedly the same across platform, I didn’t see the point of double testing both phone and PC.

But, as no doubt others have found, the apps in the store for Windows phone 8 are now becoming dated, in that newer features are not being brought into the apps. Obviously Microsoft are concentrating the focus on the Windows 10 platform albeit one way or another.

So, the time was now right to look to upgrading the phone, and since I’ve been using the Windows 10 platform on PC for over a year, it seemed right to take the leap and go for a Windows 10 phone, to ensure that the apps I use are up to date, and after all that I’m hopefully using a system that will be around for a while for mobile/smart phone requirements

Makes and models

Thankfully there’s a wide variety of Microsoft phones available to choose from, with them not all being £599.00 mega phones both in features and price.

Tempted as I was to get the 950XL due to me being a phablet fan, pure economics kept me away from that model. The 640 was within reach, and the Other half uses and adores that model, but the phone released 2015 does not come with Windows 10 installed (you can upgrade), but I wanted the “out of the box” experience with 10, rather avoiding any OS update wrestling that may ensue.

So the Lumia 650 came into view, not a hole in the pocket burner like the top of the range phone, but a 10 version of the 640 model, a smaller screen than I’m used to. I thought this a better option than the 550 entry model, as after all I have to use the phone for both work and home usage.

Additionally, I have some NFC work coming up (I’ve been using Android for that purpose still). So when the opportunity arose to obtain the Lumia 650 at a reasonable price I grabbed a hold of the handset and off we go into Windows 10 mobile.

The road ahead

The following future Windows10 phone articles will look at the changes, not just the layouts of settings screens, but features added (and taken away) to the platform. This is where the usual bring back the old version protests, usually begin, but so far the changes I’ve encountered seem valid and make senseChange is inevitable, and for a platform to succeed, you can’t always build on the ashes of what remained. The biggest hurdle to taking advantage of Windows 10 has been users staunch refusal that the old peripherals, and old drivers are compatible with a newer and more efficient OS keeping them on old versions. Embracing the change can open up a better OS experience and allow you to work with a truly innovative environment


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