What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud differs from “public” cloud in that it’s design is to provide access only to ‘authorized’ users.  It still delivers the flexibility and scalability of cloud architecture but in a more secure manner. Private Cloud is the usual choice of business to deliver a more reassured secure method of Cloud deployment.

Private cloud can be delivered in two main ways:-

Externally hosted – provisioned from a cloud service provider by means of an accessible virtualized storage server(s), off the network domain.
Internal Provisioning – Deployed virtualized server within the organizations domain network, delivered via HyperV, Oracle’s Virtual Box

Either method deployed delivers a service that end users generally access it through web based panels and local applications access it through API integration. The large difference is that there is some form of additional security so that the server service is not directly accessible to all and sundry via the internet.

For external hosting a dedicated line via encrypted VPN or SSL connects the cluster(s) to the client network. There is no direct method of accessing the private cloud over the internet without the additional security level of the connection.

Internal provisioning relies on the domain link network, and the virtualized server is access via internal IP address or machine reference. End users access can be limited from access via the virtualized server OS security (validating users)


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