Dynamic Lock Windows 10 1703 Version

To add that little more security when you’re away from your PC you can use Dynamic lock, a new feature from the Windows creator update. Where your device is linked to the phone via bluetooth. When you (and your phone) are out of the range down comes the door locking your PC until you return. It’s a feature that will keep the ISO security brigade happy

Pair your phone

To enable Dynamic Lock, you must pair your phone with your PC. You can skip down to the next header if you already have paired your phone to the device.

On your PC, go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.

Turn on Bluetooth with the toggle switch there. (Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth as well).

Next, tap the “+” button for Add Bluetooth or other device.

In the pop-up Add a device window, tap Bluetooth, then choose your device from the list that appears.

Prompts should appear on both your PC and phone. Accept them to pair.

Turn on Dynamic Lock

This is a simple switch on, so go to Settings > Accounts and then tap Sign-in options in the left panel.

Scroll to the Dynamic Lock section and check the box for Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.


Dynamic Lock what it does

The device PC/Tablet will continue unlocked while your active on the device and until you and your phone are out of Bluetooth range. It takes 30 seconds after you’re out of range for the lock to engage, so if someone hops on your machine in under that time frame the lock will not engage as the machine is active


ISO states you should regularly lock your PC when you leave your desk, then perhaps Dynamic Lock can be useful as a safety net, kicking in to lock your PC should you forget, perhaps when you run out of your office Friday close of business J


This currently on your return has to be done manually. Only if you have Windows Hello active can you use face / biometric finger print etc to unlock the device. It would be nice if when you wandered back into the range for a time that the device unlocked itself, buit I suppose tha t would be a lapse in security if someone stole your phone for example