Turn off WiFi when connected via Ethernet cable


Okay we’ve all been there, your trusty laptop in hand in the office, only to find the Wi-Fi is down, or it’s a little shaky in that side of the building and you have to swap to a Ethernet cable to maintain a good connection.

Easy enough plug it an and away you go.. But, although Windows 10 will simply swap to the Ethernet cable to work, Wi-FI still runs chewing away at your precious laptop battery life

Luckily you can configure your laptop to turn off WiFi automatically when a Ethernet cable is connected (Note dependant on the network adapter in the laptop) and save a little more power to prolong your use

Best done before the event as always, but ensure you’re on the WIFI when you configure your laptop adapter to do this

From the System tray right click on the WiFI/Network icon and select Open Network and Sharing Centre. In the Active networks click on the wi fi connection to open the status window



Click on the Properties button to get the current settings of the adapter, under the networking tab you’ll see the following, click the Configure button to get the fill properties of the adapter


Now click on the Advanced tab, the property look for Disable Upon Wired Connect, and ensure its set/changed  to Enabled for the value


IMPORTANT Should the Disable Upon Wired Connect option not appear, it’s most probable that your network adapter doesn’t support this feature.

Finally, click OK button, and presto all sorted. From now on, whenever you connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop, Windows 10 automatically turns off the Wi-Fi saving precious battery life.